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Product Overview

Vendor on Location

Vendor On Location is an RFID based tracking solution to help oversee personnel and vehicles at the job site. The solution gives you centralized visibility into Who, Where, and When.

Vendor On Location can also help improve your safety and security compliance by providing a sign-in terminal requiring the vendor to acknowledge current alerts and safety rules before entering the site.
Product Overview


The Administration tool is a desktop application which allows for the configuration and management of the system.

The tool allows for the following:
  • Creation and management of job sites
  • Editing and posting of safety and sign in alerts for each site
  • Managing of vendors and vehicles
  • Activity reporting

Job Site Sign In

The Sign In tool application runs on either a touch screen tablet or standard computer. The tool allows the vendor to sign in or out by swiping their identification badge or keying in a pin number. The system records a time stamp of when they arrive and leave.

During the sign in process, any site alerts which have been posted are displayed to the vendor for them to review. If the vendor does not acknowledge reading the alert they are not allowed to sign in.

History Tracking

A full audit trail of entry, exit, and acknowledgements is stored on a server side database. The information is updated in real time in response to data coming in from the field. The data is stored in a simple open data model which can be mined and fed to other systems.

Integration Server

Each site is connected to a central integration server which stores the site configurations and tracking information. 3rd party tools can integrate with this server to receive notifications as data comes in.

Vehicle Tracking

VOL supports the tracking of vehicles at the job site through the use of active RFID tags and properly positioned readers. The application will record when the vehicle enters the job site and track its location periodically until it is no longer in the area. This information is reported in real time to the integration server for visibility.

Tag readers can be positioned at points of entry, on rig masts, or any other high place with a clear line of sight. Depending on the hardware used one reader can cover up to a 400' radius. Multiple readers can also be linked together to broaden the coverage area or eliminate blind spots.