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Product Overview

Simple Data Capture

Simple Data Capture is a Windows Mobile based data collection solution and supporting tools. SDC is a flexible system that allows for custom data entry to help you move away from paper based collection. It can be used as your long term digital solution or as a bridge while we help you design a more fit for purpose tool.
Product Overview


The Administration tool is a desktop module that allows you to create and manage custom data collection forms. Finalized forms are then published to the SDC server where they can be downloaded and used in the field.

Mobile Capture

The primary component of the SDC solution is the Windows Mobile based data collection tool which has three major functions:
  • Download published collection forms from the server
  • Key in data for one or more forms (or multiple copies of the same form)
  • Push the collected data up to the integration server for use elsewhere

Integration Server

In addition to being a library of approved collection forms, the SDC server provides an integration point for other systems. Using a publisher / subscriber model, the server is able to take data collected in the field and interface with custom integration tools to push the data elsewhere.