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Product Overview

RFID Custom Data Storage

The RFID Custom Data Storage solution is a collection of applications and tools designed around supporting the use of RFID for data storage. The solution allows for the creation and publishing of custom formats which can be written to and read from RFID storage tags. The solution also provides a mobile component for editing data in the field and an integration server where the data collected can be handed off to other systems.

Data formats can be shared with your other vendors to provide a clean, efficient, and consistent way to hand off information for deliveries and services provided.
Product Overview


The Administration module is a desktop tool that provides the following functions:
  • Creation and managing of custom data formats
  • Publishing of approved formats to the integration server
  • Formatting of RFID tags and reading / writing their data

Mobile Data Edit

The Mobile Data Edit portion is a Windows Mobile application which can read and write data on RFID tags using one of your custom formats.

The tool also allows for reading the data from the tag and posting it to the integration server so it can be used by other systems.

Integration Server

In addition to being a library of approved data formats, the server provides an integration point for other systems. Using a publisher / subscriber model, the server is able to take data retrieved from the field and interface with custom integration tools to push the data elsewhere.