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Product Overview


FUSE Core is a foundation for building composite smart client applications which are SOA ready. It extends the more general LFI Unified Workspace and provides base functionality for user rights management, data federation, dependency injection and more.

FUSE Analytics

FUSE Analytics is a collection of software tools for the Oil and Gas industry built on the FUSE Core and specifically targeted at Production Operations and Engineering.

A partial list of tools includes:
  • Candidate Ranking and Recognition
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Data Grids
  • Data Mapping and Federation
  • Downhole Display
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Production Forecasting
  • Surveillance Mapping


HEART is the first in a line of products developed to support home schooling families. The tool currently provides support for generating worksheets of multiple types for math and language arts.

LFI Core

This toolkit package contains general purpose components that can be useful in almost any application.

Contents include:
  • Implementations of common design patterns
  • Extensions to the .Net Collection classes
  • Color and image manipulation tools
  • Icon library with over 200 common icons
  • Math library with statistical and other functions
  • Custom User Controls for WinForms and WPF

LFI Data Access

The Data Access package provides frameworks and classes for dealing with data storage and retrieval.

Contents include:
  • Extended XML Object Serialization
  • SQL Script Execution Engine
  • Synchronization Framework
  • Transaction Framework

LFI Data Processing

The Data Processing package contains components for data aggregation, advanced formula calculations, data scrubbing and more.

Contents include:
  • Composite Calculation Engine
  • Data Scrubbing Tools
  • Formula Evaluation Engine
  • Unit Conversion System

LFI Engineering

The Engineering package contains components directed at solving specific problems in the Oil and Gas domain.

Contents include:
  • General Decline Forecasting
  • Cyclic Decline Forecasting
  • Duong Forecasting
  • Shale Forecasting
  • Type Curve Analysis
  • Gas Compressibility Equations
  • Container Volume Calculations
  • Black Oil Calculations


The ExS package contains business intelligence elements and tools for building expert systems.

Contents include:
  • ID Cross Referencing Tool
  • Perceptron Classifier
  • Ranking Engine
  • Resource and Task Scheduler
  • Route Optimizer
  • Self-Organizing Map
  • Statistical Pattern Matching Engine


This package provides tools for GIS visualization and computational geometry.

Contents include:
  • Contour Generation (height maps)
  • ESRI based custom GIS layers
  • Native WPF Mapping Framework
  • Voronoi Diagrams

LFI Unified Workspace

The Unified Workspace package provides components for rapid application development by providing a core application UI framework written with WPF. This framework is based off of the Composite Application Block pattern and provides the Office 2010 look and feel including Ribbons and Outlook style navigation.


The RFID Custom Data Storage solution is a collection of applications and tools designed around supporting the use of RFID for data storage. The solution allows for the creation and publishing of custom formats which can be written to and read from RFID storage tags. The solution also provides a mobile component for editing data in the field and an integration server where the data collected can be handed off to other systems.

Simple Data Capture

Simple Data Capture is a Windows Mobile based data collection solution and supporting tools. SDC helps to fill the gap between paper based collection and a custom solution. The application allows for custom data collection forms and an integration server to upload the data to.

Vendor On Location

Vendor On Location is an RFID based tracking solution to help oversee personnel and vehicles at the job site. The solution gives you centralized visibility into Who, Where, and When.

Vendor On Location can also help improve your safety and security compliance by providing a sign-in terminal requiring the vendor to acknowledge current alerts and safety rules before entering the job site.