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Product Overview
LFI Unified Workspace

LFI Unified Workspace

The Unified Workspace package provides components for rapid application development by providing a core application UI framework written with WPF. This framework is based off of the Composite Application Block pattern and provides the Office 2010 look and feel including Ribbons and Outlook style navigation.
Product Overview

Unified Workspace

The Unified Workspace Environment (UWE) provides a WPF based framework for building composite applications similar to Microsoft Outlook. It provides a common working structure which helps to improve workflows and organize behavior.

Similar to Outlook, the UWE presents the list of modules organized into categories in a Navigation Bar docked within the main application. Each module can be linked to one or more UI elements which can open into the primary content area.

Categories can even be dynamically loaded for situations such as pulling a list of reports or showing the response from a query or service call.

Office 2010 Style

The visual style of the UWE is patterned off of Microsoft Office. The UWE allows for context aware Ribbon toolbar displays and styling. It also provides a common File Tab menu structure similar to the one found in the Office 2010 suite.

XML Configuration

Developers can either programmatically add modules to the workspace or elect to have them dynamically loaded from an XML configuration manifest. This feature allows for the ultimate in decoupling and reduced dependencies.