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Product Overview
LFI Engineering

LFI Engineering

The Engineering package contains components directed at solving specific problems in the Oil and Gas domain.
Product Overview

Black Oil Calculations

The package includes a number of methods to convert production values between total liquids, black oil, and various ratios.

Support is included for dealing with:
  • Separator Conditions
  • Condensate Yields
  • Solution Ratios
  • Gaseous Equivalence
  • More

Container Volume Calculations

Included in the package are methods to calculate the volume of liquid stored in container vessels of various geometries.

Support is included for:
  • Bullet Tanks (cylindrical and ellipsoidal cross-sections)
  • Cylinders (circular and ellipsoidal cross-sections)
  • Ellipsoidal
  • Spherical
  • Strapped Tanks

Most calculations include support for both vertical and horizontal orientations.

Cyclic Decline Forecasting

The LFI Decline Engine supports cyclic decline scenarios including fixed period, gas constrained, and liquid constrained situations. The scenarios also fully support the general decline features listed below.

General Decline Forecasting

The LFI Decline Engine provides a solid wrapper around the core Aarps equations for decline forecasting along with a number of advanced features.

Specifically the engine provides the following:
  • Standard Fit and Forecast Types
    Linear, Exponential, Harmonic, Hyperbolic along with Best Fit and Straight-Line
  • Multi-Segment Support
    Forecasts can be composed of multiple segments of different types and parameters
  • Multiple Termination Limits
    Includes min/max rate, max date/years/cume, and dynamic upper/lower boundaries
  • Other advanced features including:
    Nominal/Effective, multiple-time intervals, exponential change over, equation solver

Gas Compressibility Equations

The engineering package also includes algorithms for calculating gas compressibility factors based off of the work of Dranchuk, Purvis, and Robinson. The algorithms also support adjustment for contaminants using the Wichert and Aziz correction factor.

Included are methods for calculating from Composition, Gas Gravity, and Pseudo Critical Pressures and Temperatures.

Shale Forecasting

The LFI Decline Engine also supports shale forecasting using the Stretched Exponential model.

Duong Forecasting

Support for the Duong methodolgy including P10, P50, and P90 type curves.

Type Curve Analysis

Type Curve generation is available as an add-on to the production forecasting tools. The package currently contains support for creating Fetkovich Type Curves with plans for other types to be added in the future.