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Product Overview
LFI Data Processing

LFI Data Processing

The Data Processing package contains components for data aggregation, advanced formula calculations, data scrubbing and more.
Product Overview

Composite Calculation Engine

The Calculation Engine serves as a comprehensive data processing solution which provides data scrubbing, evaluation, and aggregation features.

More specifically, the engine provides the following functionality:
  • Data Scrubbing and Preprocessing
    Includes null handling, infill of missing data, and unit conversions
  • Data Merging
    Allows for integrating data from multiple data sources and time resolutions into a single calculation
  • Expression Evaluation
    Leverages the Formula Engine and integrates it with custom data loaders
  • Data Aggregation
    Rolls up data for time intervals and/or multiple entities
    Supports calculations before and after the aggregation
  • Allocated Rollups
    Supports the use of allocation factors for partial contributions of multi-entity rollups
  • Advanced Time Correlation
    Allows for analysis of data relative to an anchor date to compare time intervals before or after an event
    Each data column can be independently correlated to separate event dates if desired
  • Custom Processing Injection
    Provides several hook points at which the calling application can inject custom processing at particular steps
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Data Scrubbing Tools

The package includes a number of tools for clean-up and preprocessing of data including:
  • Clamping
  • Data Infilling
  • Interpolation of Missing Data
  • Noise Reduction
  • Null Handling
  • Smoothing

Formula Evaluation Engine

The formula engine is a tool for the evaluation of user defined calculation expressions. It is capable of parsing, validating, and evaluating simple or complex expressions similar to those created in Microsoft Excel.

Over 130 functions can be accessed through the default Function Library and available expansion packs. Full documentation for each of these functions is available.

The available functions are organized into the following categories:
  • Arithmetic
  • Cumulative
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Date and Time
  • Gas Engineering
  • General
  • Gross
  • Intervals
  • Logarithmic
  • Logical Comparisons
  • Logical Joins
  • Lookups
  • Null Handling
  • Shifting Records
  • Statistical
  • Text Manipulation
  • Trigonometric
  • Type Conversions

The library also supports dynamic runtime discovery of new functions allowing the system to be easily customized and extended.

Data is requested by the engine through a simple abstraction layer which decouples it from the actual data loading methodology. This allows it to be quickly and easily integrated with almost any existing data business logic.

Unit Conversion System

Our unit system provides access to over 340 commonly used units of measure compiled from POSC, SPE, and other standards. Units are organized into types such as length or volume with all of the conversion factors needed.

Support is provided for customizing sub-types such as 'lengths used to measure diameters' allowing for a more focused presentation to the end user. Units can also be organized into larger Systems such as Metric or US Oil Field which can be customized or added to based on your corporate standards.

All of the unit data is available in XML format or as SQL scripts to be stored in a database. Loaders are provided to read in this data at runtime to support dynamic changes and customizations so that nothing is hardcoded.