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Product Overview


FUSE Core is a foundation for building composite smart client applications which are SOA ready. It extends the more general LFI Unified Workspace and provides base functionality for user rights management, data federation, dependency injection and more.
Product Overview

Branding Support

The FUSE Core supports rebranding of the main application to reflect your corporate identity and naming. Branding changes can include application title, icon, splash screen, and more.

Data Federation

Tools are provided to help link to multiple data sources and make meaningful use of the data therein.

Primary functionality includes:
  • Linking to multiple data sources
    Including SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, Sybase, Access, Excel and any ODBC or OLE-DB source
  • Data Tagging
    Configuration of data properties such as unit of measures, merging options, and data massaging preferences
  • Cross Referencing
    Tools for entering, importing, or using auto pattern matching to create ID cross-references between data sources
  • Calculation Configuration
    Create one or more dynamic data sets from the source data including calculated values

Dependency Injection

The FUSE Core provides support for dynamic service loading. The workspace provides a container of services which is loaded from a manifest file at runtime to reduce dependencies among components. The main application can then decide to show or hide certain features depending on if a particular service is available.

The advanced service loader also supports the loading of services at different times. An example would be start up services, user specific services after login, and module specific services loaded as needed.

Login Services

A standard login screen is provided which allows the user to select from a list of known projects. When logging in the user is authenticated with the project using their standard Windows Login (no additional user names or passwords are required).

The login screen also allows for the modification of connection information or the creation of new projects (see below).

Project Creation

A project creation wizard is available to allow users to create new projects on the fly if needed. Users can also leverage custom project templates to establish defaults and support corporate standards. The creation process leverages the Wizard Framework and Script Execution engine to allow you to gather the information you need and then create the project database.
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Unified Workspace

Ultimately the FUSE Core is an extension to the LFI Unified Workspace which provides all of the services listed on this page. The Core provides a starting point with all of the plumbing in place where you can jump off and immediately start on the meat of what makes your product unique.

User Roles and Rights

FUSE Core includes tools for granting users access to projects and assigning their rights and priviledges. Using a role based security model, rights are granted to specific groups to which people can be assigned. Users inherit their rights from the role or roles they belong to.

All rights are defined by metadata in the database allowing you to tailor the system to your needs. These rights can later be checked in order to show or hide features or enable/disable as desired.