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Product Overview

FUSE Analytics

FUSE Analytics is a collection of software tools for the Oil and Gas industry built on the FUSE Core and specifically targeted at Production Operations and Engineering.

Product Overview

Candidate Ranking and Recognition

The candidate recognition process is facilitated through the use of opportunity ranking. The module allows for user configuration of attributes under consideration and interfaces with the data and ranking engines to analyze a group of wells. Results are displayed in Pareto charts, tabular grids, and pie charts for easy review.

Charts and Graphs

This module provides high quality charting and graphing capabilities. Multiple graphs can be displayed at the same time in both 2D and 3D formats.

The charting module also supports drill down functionality in order to view individual contributions to a group.

Custom Reporting

FUSE Analytics includes a robust and flexible reporting module with an end user report designer.

Data Grids

The data grid allows for a spreadsheet view of your data, both calculated and direct. Users will be able to change the display properties on the fly including units of measure, precision, and sorting options.

Data can also be exported directly from the grid in one of several formats including PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML and more.

Data Mapping and Federation

Analytics builds on FUSE Core to support true Data Federation by allowing the user to map to almost any data source, cross-reference entities, and process data on the fly.

Downhole Display

This module displays subsurface information relevant to general surveillance of the well.

Elements of this display include:
  • Production Logs
  • Lithology
  • Zonal Production
  • Wellbore Diagram and Annotations

Horizontal well display and multi-well cross-section views are also supported.

Predictive Analystics

The Predictive Analytics module leverages the Expert System tools from the LFI Toolkit to bring predictive analytics to the surveillance process.

Users are able to create and manage knowledge bases around workovers, failure information, and other scenarios. They can then compare current well performance in order to identify things such as preventative maintenance opportunities to improve uptime.

Multiple methodologies are supported including Self Organizing Maps and Perceptron Classifiers.

Production Forecasting

This module is primarily focused on production forecasting through the user of advanced decline analysis.
Forecasting leverages the LFI Engineering tools from the LFI Toolkit to provide support for:
  • Shale Forecasting
  • Gas or Liquid Constrained Scenarios
  • Periodic or Scheduled Downtime
  • P/Z Forecasting
  • Group Forecasting
  • Duong Forecasting

Surveillance Mapping

The mapping module is built on the industry standard ESRI mapping technology. Utilizing the custom layers in the LFI GIS toolkit component, FUSE is able to provide a rich and powerful surveillance mapping environment.

Steam Flood Analysis

The steam flood functionality in FUSE allows for both forecasting and historical review. Support is included for common models including:
  • Marx-Langenheim
  • Myhill-Stegemeier
  • Van Lookeren
  • Hern Burger

Other Tools

A number of other tools will ship with the main solution.

These include:
  • Group Data Aggregator
  • Pattern Factor Calculator
  • and more...

Web Components

FUSE Analytics includes a web based project portal allowing for remote administration and viewing of analysis results.

FUSE Web allows the user to:
  • View live maps created with the desktop tool
  • Add new roles and manage security
  • Add new users and assignments
  • Link in to other project related sites
  • Link in related TIBCO Spotfire® reports
  • Plug in custom content


FUSE Analytics provides an API for custom content and extensions by our team or yours.

The FUSE API allows developers to:
  • Create new map layers
  • Create new forecasting modules
  • Add additional data services or replace existing ones
  • Add new formula calculations
  • Create entirely new modules
  • Link to new data sources
  • and more...